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Beware the Wilderness of Mirrors
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Road Closed

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.


:thumbsdown: Downey's Holmes was too messy. He dressed like he had just rolled out of bed throughout the whole damn film (even my mom turned her nose up at that, and she doesn't even like Holmes).

:thumbsdown: Irene Adler. The writer's invented a new character and gave her the name of another.

:thumbsup: Rachel McAdams did a great job with what she had been given (nerd fact- Adler is from NJ, so no UK accent for that character).

:thumbsdown: I've never heard a bunch of mostly Londoners sound so Americanized that I could barely pick up on their accents.

:thumbsdown: Did not feel like 19th Century London.

:thumbsup: Jude Law is the best Watson I've ever had the pleasure of watching, and I've seen a lot. :clap:

:thumbsup: The chemistry between Downey and Law was well done, very smooth and natural. They had me laughing quite a bit.

:thumbsup: Storyline.

:thumbsup: For reinventing the characters for a new era and giving new appeal to a world that has faded into the background, this movie did a bang up job.

This is what I would call an Americanized Sherlock Holmes, and not just because of the toned down accents. For what it was, I greatly enjoyed the ride, and I have it to thank for rekindling my interest in the world of Sherlock Holmes. Maybe now I can find the drive to writing more of that damn story I've let sit for the last three years. And I'll be gobsmacked as well as impressed if you can find me a Holmes to beat out Jeremy Brett's interpretation of the character (just forgive him the bad 80's directing/effects). :aww:

Go watch it, make your own opinions.
12th-Sep-2009 04:04 pm - I'm crap with time; here's a video
Road Closed
It feels like more than a week since I was last on here, but hey, I've been sick and the meds my doc gave me made me loopier than a French Poodle on a roller coaster.

I wanted to share this --> Jonas Bros mock video

Yes, I know the people in the video, and yes I know they're an interesting lot, but they did a really good job. Besides, that's them really singing, and they really play.

Give me a few more days of hibernation and I'll be back to my old self, writing, plotting, drawing, writing, did I mention writing? I miss writing, it's hard to do when your brain is going, "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" XD

7th-Jul-2009 06:21 pm - so yeah, you won't believe this
Road Closed
My partner in crime and I are up at 2 a.m. this morning talking away over the i.m. when she says some random guy on my space sent her a message reading "Sub: Hey sexy; Body: Hi". Being the curious person that she is, she goes and looks at his page to find out what sort of weirdo messages someone he's never met at two in the morning. The guy turns out to look like one of those grease monkeys that live in their grandmother's basement, complete with shirtless photo against 1980's wall paper and excessive body hair. Ew.

So being the natural writer that I am, and the cruel creatures my (platonic) love and I morph into when the mood hits, I jokingly tell her she should message back with: "two words; solve the puzzle: cFofkfOu".

She sent it. XD

He replies back with:  "so your tell me fuck you is wen your saying to me if you will bee block sin i have a big home and car and good job and wen do you have nothing to show????"

Took us both a bit to figure out what he was trying to say, but we got the gist (I think).

Being in the particular state of mind I was in, I sat back and doled out with: "material worth is for naught, for interest wanes quick, and is not the measure of a man. On the tip of the tongue mind and heart meet, but useless are all three when bleating is all that is to be heard."

She thinks it will go over his head, and I agreed, which honestly was the point. However, I'm not sure how much, or little, he did understand, because he sent back: "so you going ack good to me now or do i have block you".

No joke. The guy honestly said he would block her, when he was the one who contacted. I was near snorting into my hand I was laughing so hard.
I had one last evil little thought, and wrote up: "to block one out implies they want in; a Chess master does not toy with pawns to keep them from his enemy, nor a butcher keep sheep from his knife".

I would have come up with something a little more, and probably changed the ending around (because I distinctly felt like I aught to be struck by lightning for the last line), but my colleague in all that is mischievous rushed me a bit with her "hmmm?" after I said I had something. Only, my "somethings" are half formed ideas that don't take shape until I write them down, which she didn't know. XD So the final reply ended as you see it.

The coupe de grace was when he changed his status to "Scott confused a but all woman", and blocked her. I died all over again. I'd say the guy might actually have some sort of linguistics problem if it weren't for the fact that the comments people left read the same way, so now I'm wondering if there isn't a subculture that's developed a language all their own. O_0

5th-Jul-2009 09:02 pm - Hi
Road Closed
How to pronounce "gageanne":

"gage", like "gauge", only "gage" is short for "Gadget" (Hackwrench, not the Inspector).

If you can't pronounce "anne", I worry for you. "Anne" is short for/variant of "Anna".

So there you go: "gageanne" is pronounced "gauge-ann".
12th-Jun-2009 03:52 am - been talking tattoos
Road Closed
I am in love with this word         lavaliere

but I read it as a description for someone's eyes, only I thought it was a type of necklace

*scratches head*


Road Closed
Is It a Good Idea To Microwave a Pokemon?

Call Me Mr.J

I also realized when I decided to put this up, I have no bloody clue how to make the actual videos show up. The embed option be damned, it doesn't work here.
19th-Apr-2009 01:46 am - Need Happy (as copied from da)
Road Closed
I choose to rant, again. ;P

Firstly, my mom saw her cousin today, and he's feeling pretty well despite it all, which is nice to hear. I would have gone, but I was uneasy about riding in a car with his daughter, my second cousin. I would not have known what to say to her at all, and my family is usually so reserved with verbally expressing emotion that I know saying "I'm sorry" would have put us both on the awkward train. My family hugs, eats chocolate (really, my cousins and I agree, we're all addicted), and say what we want to say through expression. Plus, being younger than me, she was always closer to my little sister.

Anyway, on to my self distracting rant! (because frankly I could care less who reads this, it's more to keep myself focused on something other than bad news) :XD:

:bulletred::bulletred:Note, if you're going to read any of this, skip to "real ranting begins", the rest you can do without, I just don't care to delete it.

For anyone who's bothered to keep up on my little quirks will know that I get stuck in phases where I'm solely focused on one or two areas of interest, and that the length of my attention varies from a few days, to several weeks, to upwards a year, and recycles.

Unnecessary OverviewCollapse )

Opinions of CharactersCollapse )

Real Rant BeginsCollapse )

That's it. If you read this far- wow. Why?
30th-Mar-2009 07:53 pm - Five Things
Road Closed
Five things. Five words other people associate with you and explanations from me on why, or where it would have come from in general.

From Seth:

1) Cartoons- Anyone who knows me, and even those who don't and just watch my deviantart page for the heck of it, know/can tell I love my cartoons. I collect my favorites, follow voice actors, and am going to college to write/storyboard cartoons (will accept live action shows, work is work in that business).

2) Sketchbook-
I carry my sketchbook with me just about everywhere, even if I never pull it out it's normally right beside me. I use it to jot down notes, things I want to remember, write out brainstorms or story ideas, and of course, drawing. I <3 my sketchbook. I just recently threw a purple and black ink wash on the cover too.

3) Sushi- Seth is one of my sushi buddies, if I'm headed out for sushi with people he's on my "to call" list. It's fun, in fact, we need to grab the Dunlavys and go, been too long since it's been more than three of us.

4) Volleyball-  Muwahahaha ha! Volley! XD I average two "knuckle balls" -mess ups, usually by hitting the ball with my knuckles during a serve- per three games. I'm comptetative, but more likely to tease, rant, or break down into an uncontrollable fit of laughter (playing with my group beats most comedy routines), than get in your face about a play. I love to play, I love to serve, I love the feel of my knees hitting the groud in a silde/dive for the ball. Love, love, love. I play every Tuesday I get up off my lazy carcase and go to college group.

5) Weddings- It's appropriate that Seth would connect this with me, as I'm always roping him into being my escort, for good reasons too: move over John Travolta here comes Seth Scott. Srsly, boy can dance, and it's a lot of fun. Essentially, all the things that make Seth fun to be around are all the reasons I continue to drag him along, cause weddings bore me, and he helps kill that. I've also gone to about four weddings in the last year or so. XD

28th-Mar-2009 08:44 pm - eh
Road Closed
I really aught hide my keyboard next time I drink. ^^;
1st-Sep-2008 12:56 am - phhhhhhht
Road Closed
Stupid Jade Cove. I knew I would turn out to be allergic to the crap I was stepping on. Weeds, by the way. Mustard to be exact. Bloody great.
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